Press Mentions: History of Massachusetts Blog

I discovered that my History of Massachusetts Blog recently received a number of amazing mentions and links from huge publications like the Washington Post, Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Boston Globe and more.

So I decided to create a roundup of all the notable publications and articles my site has been linked to and/or mentioned in:


11 American Road Trips Everyone Should Go On

13 Horrifying Facts About Witches That Are Unfortunately True

Let’s Debunk Some “Facts”: People Are Sharing The Lies They Were Taught In School, And Some Of These Are Actually Shocking

17 Debbie Downer Facts To Whip Out At The Next Party You Go To

No Women Were Burned At The Salem Witch Trials And I For Suuuuure Thought They Were

13 Haunted Cemeteries That Every Ghost Story Lover Should Visit

On its 235th anniversary, here are 10 questions to test your official Massachusetts knowledge

Donald Trump sent a letter invoking the Salem witch trials. The city’s mayor responded with a history lesson

Here’s your October day trip guide to spooky Salem

Your perfect fall weekend on the North Shore

Boston Globe:

50 Years After Massive Blackstone River Cleanup

The 118th Congress has a speaker (pant, sigh, gasp)

Six places to go off-road bicycling north of Boston

In Allston the Transit Lesson We Never Learn

What Should Be On the Massachusetts State Flag

In ‘John Proctor is the Villain,’ #MeToo registers as ‘us too’

Mayflower Compact Turns 400

Boston Magazine:

Fort Independence’s Free Tour Season Has Begun

TBT: First Group of Women Arrested for Witchcraft in Salem

Ask the Editor: Which Salem Restaurants Won’t Be Scary around Halloween?

Business Insider:

11 facts you learned about US history that are false

See if you can guess the original names of these 16 iconic US cities

The true story behind Thanksgiving is a bloody one, and some people say it’s time to cancel the holiday

Things you may have missed on Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

16 things you never knew about Halloween, from how it got its name to why we give out candy

The fascinating history behind 11 common superstitions

I stayed in a haunted hotel the first time I went on vacation after my divorce

CBS Boston:

Good Stuff Cheap: A Staycation


141 Names Inspired by Witches


6 Everyday Places That Hide Dark Historical Secrets

9 Famous Thinkers Who Were Total Hypocrites

Deseret News:

Which witch is which? A history of Salem witchcraft trials


Tax Return 2.0: How Blockchain Technology Can Bring America’s Budget Into The Future

Zero100 Supply Chain Predictions For 2023

Autonomous Technology Requires Caution — And A Leap Of Faith

The Guardian:

Pilgrim fathers: harsh truths amid the Mayflower myths of nationhood

Trump accuses Democrats of ‘open war on American democracy’ in stinging impeachment letter – as it happened

‘Witches are icons’: Americans embrace their family ties to Salem trial victims

How 22-Year-Old George Washington Inadvertently Sparked a World War

Salem Witch Trials: Who Were the Main Accusers?

5 Notable Women Hanged in the Salem Witch Trials

American-Indian Wars

How the Salem Witch Trials Influenced the American Legal System

King Philip’s War

Anne Hutchinson

Boston: A City Steeped in U.S. History

Mayflower Compact

Glorious Revolution

Women Weren’t the Only Victims of the Salem Witch Trials

Huffington Post:

7 Ridiculous Things Americans Panic About

Salem Mayor Schools Trump On Witch Trials: ‘Learn Some History’

How Thanksgiving tells a story of America’s pluralism

Boston Must Mull Renaming Iconic Building to Give Civic Dignity To Blacks

Defending Our Shores

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Deborah Samson: The Woman Who Disguised Herself as a Man to Fight in the American Revolution

Library of Congress Blog:

The Crushing Death of Giles Corey of Salem, 1692

Life Magazine:

Revisiting the Sites of the Salem Witch Trials

Mental Floss:

11 Facts About the Salem Witch Trials

10 Ways to Identify a Witch

Tituba, the Early American Witch

New England Historical Society:

The Legend of Faneuil Hall’s Golden Grasshopper Weathervane

When the British Bombarded Falmouth

A Sad Condition: Wilmot Redd and the Salem Witch Trials

Pop Sugar:

10 Fascinating Facts About the Salem Witch House in Massachusetts

Reader’s Digest:

10 Things to Stop Believing About the Salem Witch Trials

How Every State Got Its Nickname

When Is Thanksgiving 2024, and Why Do We Celebrate It?

The Real Story and History of Thanksgiving


Salem Public Library:

Old Town Hall

Pioneer Village

Salem News:

Benton: Bonfanti focuses on Proctor Farm


Season of the witch: How the word, and the concept, made a big 2018 comeback

Saturday Evening Post:

Considering History: The Contradictions Behind America’s Oldest July Fourth Celebration

Considering History: Everything Rick Santorum Got Wrong about American History and Identity

Considering History: Tisquantum and the First Thanksgiving


Slavery Myths Debunked

How New England Blamed “Witches” for Its Growing Pains

Smithsonian Magazine:

Who Were the Real Pirates of the Caribbean?

Diary Sheds Light on Deborah Sampson, Who Fought in the Revolutionary War

Found in a Candy Tin: One of the First Coins Struck in Colonial North America

Reckoning With—and Reclaiming—the Salem Witch Trials

This Eighth-Grade Class Wants to Clear the Name of an Accused Salem ‘Witch’

Scotland Issues Formal Apology to Thousands Accused of Witchcraft

A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials


Were Accused Witches Burned at the Stake During Salem Witch Trials?

Time Magazine:

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

Tufts University:

Third Most

USA Today:

Here’s the secret to getting the best AncestryDNA test results reviewed

University of Chicago Library:

Salem Witch Trials Legal Resources

Washington Post:

What the Salem witches can teach us about how we treat women today

After Uvalde I Pray with the Grieving and for Bold Action on Guns

A test in Virginia of the right to remain silent

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